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From the desk of Ivan, in Stockholm, Sweden 

Hey, Ivan here,  

Let me guess… 

You’ve just scrolled down your Twitter feed and saw another project going live... and getting listed on Coinmarketcap. 

The feeling of envy tickles your stomach: “Ah, I had the exact same idea two years ago… it could have done it…” 

But you didn’t have enough information… 

You didn’t have programming skills… 

Or just didn't know which direction the industry was going …

Yes, if you knew all these things, you would have been in their shoes… 

And be a lot wealthier… 

But let’s be honest. You probably didn’t know any of these things and now you’re wondering: “How can I get into cryptocurrencies and create my own project which would motivate me and bring me decent living financially and internally?”

That’s why you are here. 

Lean in closer buddy, I have something important to tell you.

You see, the $500 billion blockchain revolution is only the beginning and I am going to show you how you can profit from it…
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Get access to the Blockchain Academy 
a personal 1h Skype call with Ivan.
Get access to the Blockchain Academy 
a personal 1h Skype call with Ivan 
spend 1 day with Ivan in Stockholm (flights and accommodation at Grand Hotel Stockholm included)
Ivan on Tech Academy
The worlds biggest online university for blockchain and crypto which will give you the necessary up-to-date skills to get a job or develop your own projects on blockchain. 
  •  Blockchain Basics
  •  Bitcoin Basics
  •  Bitcoin Consensus
  •  Bitcoin Mining
  •  Bitcoin UTXO Model
  •  Ethereum Basics
  •  Ethereum EVM
  • Ethereum Consensus
  •  Blockchain Deep Dive
  •  Smart Contract Basics
  •  Smart Contract Execution
  •  Blockchain Use Cases
  • C++ Programming
  •  Javascript Programming
  •  Ethereum Smart Contracts
  •  Ethereum Dapps
  •  EOS Smart Contracts
  •  EOS Dapps
  •  NEM Smart Contracts
  •  Developer Tools (Web3, Metamask etc)
  •  Deployment to Test & Main net
  • Business Use Cases
  • Centralized Systems
  • Decentralized Systems
  • Permissioned Blockchains
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Hyperledger Composer
  • When to use Blockchain
  • Blockchain Decision Tree
  • Building Games in Javascript
  • Computer Graphics
  •  Business use case for Games
  •  Non Fungible Tokens
  • ERC20 / 721 / 1155 Tokens
  • Collectibles
  • Building your own game
  • Trading Basics
  •  Technical Analysis
  •  Trading Strategy Theory
  •  Building Trading Strategies
  •  Trading with Javascript
  •  Risk Management
  •  Trading Platform Setup
  •  Exchange API Setup
  •  Trading Automation
  •  Learn Bitcoin Script
  •  Utilize Bitcoin Dev Tools
  •  Programming Bitcoin Tx's
  •  Programming  Timelocks
  •  Programming Multisig
  •  Bitcoin Datastructures
  •  Stacks
  •  Build scriptSig
  •  Build scriptPubKey
  •  The DAO Hack Walkthrough
  •  Parity Hack Walkthrough
  •  Hyperinflation Bug & Fix
  •  Blockchain Developer Mindset
  •  Security Best Practices
  •  Contract Design
  •  Upgradeable Contracts
  •  Proxy Contracts
  •  Pausable Contracts
All of our courses have...
- 10+ hours of video lectures
- Exercises
- Homeworks
- Assignments
- Quizzes
- Student Discussions
- Certification

Listen to our 11.000 Students
Great courses, for technical and not so technical people.

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  •  Ethereum Game Programming Course ($199)
  •  Monthly Live Streamed Lecture + AMA
  •  Exclusive Academy Forum
  •  Exclusive Academy Discord
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  •  Blockchain Fundamentals Course ($189)
  •  Smart Contract Programming Course ($299)
  •  Blockchain Business Masterclass Course ($249)
  •  Ethereum Game Programming Course ($199)
  •   Access to ALL 11 new courses during 2019 ($2189)
  •  Monthly Live Streamed Lecture + AMA
  •  Exclusive Academy Forum
  •  Exclusive Academy Discord
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Frequently asked questions
"Do I need to be a programmer to join the Academy?"
Prior programming knowledge will definitely make it easier to take some of our courses. We will however start the courses with a programming bootcamp, where you can learn the basics of programming and get up to speed with the basic knowledge you need in order to proceed with all of our courses. As long as you are willing to learn and work hard, you will be able to understand. 

"How will the courses be offered?"
All of the course material will be available in video format on an online teaching platform, where you will be able to log in and access the course material whenever you want. There are no fixed hours so anyone can take the course, regardless of your job situation. You will also get assignments and homeworks for you to do on your own, in order to solidify you knowledge.

"Can I take your courses with a 9-5 job?"
Yes, absolutely. The course material will be available in video format whenever you want to learn.

"Do I need to attend the courses in real time?"
No, the courses consist of on demand video and you can study in your own pace whenever you want.
Any Questions?
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